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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Contest #4: Art School!

Here it is... Contest #4! The pic above is the prize today... a 9" x 12" original painting on wood board called "UNDISCLOSED CAVERN LOCATION". Click the image above to make it bigger. There are still a few details left to finish on this piece, but I can't postpone the contest any longer so here we go!

Below are SEVEN pieces of art... you have to name at least five (artist name AND the name of the piece) and send them to me by e-mail or facebook message. I will take everyone who got five or more correct and pick a random winner so everyone get's a fair shot at winning. I will give hints throughout the day so check back. The contest will be closed in 24 hours so you have plenty of time to do some looking and send your answers.
Here is the first hint: Two of these have the exact same title, but are by different artists.

Good Luck!

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