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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Contest #3: Toy Mash Up!

It's time for Contest #3...  Just like on Kronikle, it's a TOY MASH UP! In the image above are FIVE (well, technically six) of my favorite toys...guess all the correct toys and at 1pm tomorrow i'll take everyone who got the answers correct and i'll pick a random winner (just to make it as fair as possible)! I will give a few hints later on, so if you aren't sure then just wait. First hint: one of the toys was made by someone who has the same name as the person i'm going to visit today. If you look around my facebook you might find it.

The prize today is another set of FIVE Neon Imposter Dunny prints (original dunny designed by chuckboy, print designed by me).

FYI Tomorrow's prize is a brand spankin new 9" x 12" original painting :)
Friday's prize is the 3" dunny (link at the bottom of the page:)

Go to facebook and post your guess on my page here. If you don't have facebook then you can e-mail me your guess here.  Remember there will be more hints later today.

This week full of contests will run through Friday with a different contest and prize(s) each day, ending with a 3" dunny giveaway on the last day. Good luck!

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