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Monday, April 9, 2012

Unpainted Playsam Teaser

Okay last post for today! Here is a quick pic of my playsam car, post sculpt and pre-paint (minus the wheels).

"With Wings You Shall Pass" Custom Mini-Munny

As a continuation of my koi-themed dunnys, I did a mini-munny but added a little bird action into the mix. Bish, Fird, who knows. It's a fish that can fly.... or a bird that can swim. Wait, birds can swim.... shit. Well, it was inspired by Jason Segel wearing sweatpants for 7 days in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Painted with acrylics and the flipper wings and beak made with resin.

Thanks for looking. Almost done for today!!

"Petulance #3" Custom Tequila

This guy was done to match a custom Steven the bat and a custom dunny of the same name. Painted with acrylics and airbrush. These tequila's are some quality vinyl, I highly suggest painting one up.

"Fancy Blast" Bellicose Bunny Custom

I can't believe I never put this up on my site.. I'm so fucking slow..... well here it is, done for the Bellicosity show @ Toy Art Gallery. I love it! Full name is "Fancy Blast, or I'm Insane and It's Cold, Can I Have a Hug?". When I brought this guy in to TAG, Connell read the title and gave me a hug :) I utilized some advice from one of the greatest artists of our time, William S. Burroughs; "Exterminate All Rational Thought" and just painted this with no planning or forethought. I love how it turned out and i'll be doing more stuff like this. Big thanks to Nathan!!!

Raul's Brother - Custom Android

This little guy is my first custom android, and i've got 4 or so more on the way. Painted with acrylics and some airbrush!! He is the brother of Raul, Duke of Katchata.

The Inverted Inverse of a Backwards Future Past

Here is a set of custom dunnys on the Chuckboy 2-tone sculpt, called "The Inverted Inverse of a Backwards Future Past" and are painted with acrylics.

With custom wooden box!

Thanks for looking, more coming today.

The Diurnal Golem (XI) Custom Dunny

Things have been moving so fast I can barely keep up, so I'm doing a whole bunch of updates today and hopefully I can stay on top of them in the future. But honestly, how many times have I said that already? Anywho, get ready!
This one is called "The Diurnal Golem (XI)" and is a subscriber dunny painted with acrylics and some airbrush. With custom wooden box!
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