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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"The Misfortune of Frank Dent" - Custom Jay222 Clown

This GID beast is a custom on the awesome clown sculpt done by Jay222 and painted in all black by myself! I used only black because the GID was so strong and just let the sculpt dictate the paint. I have another clown and i can't wait to paint this one as well. Thanks Jay!

"...Animal Warfare" Prints available for pre-order now!

I've got 2 sizes of prints limited to 15 of each size up in my store and ready for pre-order now! 11" x 14" for $35, and 16" x 20" for $55. They will ship in about 2 weeks! They are about half gone so get them before they're gone!

Three new Custom Koi Dunnys

Here are three more subscriber dunnys, painted with acrylics. These are called "Hypoxia" which means lack of oxygen. Complete with custom boxes (not pictured).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"The Composite Lunatic" Custom Dunny

Here is yet another custom I've done on the awesome Chuckboy sculpt. This one is called "The Composite Lunatic" aks BLACKHAND, and was painted with acrylics and some airbrush.

Custom Lunartik Mini Cuppa Tea

These little cups are one of my favorite small-scale toys in general, and it's about time I did up a custom one. Called "Last Cup of Sorrow" after the Faith No More song of the same name, it was painted with airbrush and acrylic and comes with a custom wooden window box. Original sculpt by the all around awesome Matt JOnes aka Lunartik.

"Ruck" Dunny - 3" and 8" Versions

Both of these were done for my subbers! The 3" version has a custom matching box.

3" Ruck

3"er with box

8" Ruck

Lots more coming as always, and thanks for looking!
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