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Monday, October 27, 2014

Two 3" DCON Dunnys

Ok well I love clowns, so there's this guy:

And I've been working on this one since last year, I just kept putting it off. Finally done!!!

Guess what? More coming tomorrow!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

4 Custom Coarse Omen Owls

I love painting these! I can't wait to do some of the bigger ones, such nice vinyl to paint on. There's 2 of each colorway, all were painted with acrylics and like all my customs finished with a UV resistant matte coating.

Remember, DesignerCon is November 8-9, and I'm at the Ardabus Rubber booth 524. See you there and more to come!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Two New 8" Dunnys

These were both commissions on different sculpts, and both were equally fun to work on. Well maybe the Kozik Mecha was a little cooler. Both were painted with acrylics. Anyways here they are!


 "The Center Cannot Hold"

I post most of my new work on Instagram: @ardabusrubber. Thanks for looking!!!

A Wandering Misfit and a Broken Clock

Next up for the DCON Pieces is a Wandering Misfit "Elizabeth", with three eyes and a lot of contempt.

These are 2 DCON Exclusive giclee prints: "Telling Time From A Broken Clock" and it's inverted counterpart measure 11x14 and are printed on 300gsm Moab Entrada Rag. Each version is limited to 25 and come signed and numbered. $20 for the regular, $25 for the inverted.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rainbow Rucks and Aleppin Sane Bust for DCON

I finally got my hands on one of Jermaine Rodgers amazing Aleppin Sane busts, and I painted it up for DCON. 9 inches tall, airbrush and handpainted with acrylics, UV resistant, and lost in thought:

I also hand embellished a handful of the Ruck production Dunnys! I'll have 15 of these guys available at DCON for $65 each, as well as a few different versions that are 1/1:

Eleven Custom Androids

These are a bunch of Custom Androids for a group of incredibly patient collectors. Many factors went into these guys taking a very long time, but they are all just about done. So here are the first eleven, with 8 or 9 more to come!

More to come!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I'm super excited that I have a booth at DesignerCon this year!! I will have lots and lots of artwork, customs, prints, and other stuff. Here is a list of most everything I'll have:

- 30+ giclee prints, sizes from 5x7 up to 17x22
- DCON EXCLUSIVE Ardabus Rubber Giclee Art Trading Card Packs
- 25+ new customs, sizes from 2.5" up to 12"
- 5 different one of a kind DCON EXCLUSIVE hand embellished "Obligatory Owl" prints
- Edition of 6 DCON EXCLUSIVE hand embellished "Neon Obligatory Owl" prints
- 3 Shirts including 1 new super limited edition DCON EXCLUSIVE shirt
- 15 "Rainbow Ruck" hand embellished Ruck Dunnys
- DCON EXCLUSIVE cheese viewing platter
- The Salted Snail Sale

DesignerCon 2014
Pasadena Convention Center
November 8, 9am-6pm
November 9, 10am-5pm
BOOTH 524!!!!!!!!!!! See you there!!
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