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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One brush to rule them all...

This brush has seen thousands of hours of toy and canvas time so i figured a salute was in order. For 12 hours a day this brush is in my hands or behind my ear. Robert Simmons 10\0 liner, you are my best friend. And also a munny teaser in the back :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

3" Custom Dunny - 'Where's My Victrola?'

So this guy was really fun to make... I LOVE the circus and clowns, and a re-occurring them in my art is a burning circus. Well this little fucker is one of the clowns who started the fire! He might look cute but he will burn your house down with you in it, and walk away with his happy little grin. His other clown accomplices are somewhere out there just waiting to surface...

This guy was inspired by the twisted mind of Alejandro Jodorowsky and his film "The Rainbow Thief". More pics below!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Uninvited Guest - 8" Version

Here is an 8" Dunny that's based on a 3"er I did a bit ago. It's called "The Uninvited Guest" and is inspired by the band Dog Fashion Disco. Painted with acrylics and the arms are made with resin. This was done for a subscriber and is NFS. Thanks for looking!

3" Parfum Dunny FULL REVEAL!

Here is the full reveal of "Parfum Dunny"! This was by far the toughest 3"er I've ever done... but I'm EXTREMELY happy with the end result. Lots of pics below, and you can click them all to make them bigger. This guy is Europe bound!!! Hooray!

3" Dunny Custom - "Willem Lee (The Exterminator)"

Another Chuckboy 2-tone sculpt! This is for one of my subscribers... It's called "Willem Lee (The Exterminator)" and is another reference to Naked Lunch but instead of William Lee, I changed it a bit to fit who it's for :) To all of my subbers, you will be getting a Chuckboy 2-tone sculpt so don't worry!

Plenty more coming as always, so check back often! And also don't forget that I recently switched my website over to the blog, so hit up the VINYL page to check out a whole bunch more of my custom pieces.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

3" Dunny Giveaway Starts NOW!

To finish up the week of contests, it's time for the grand finale... a 3" Dunny! It's called "The Omnipotent Pudding" and all you've gotta do to win is go to my facebook page and comment or like this dunny photo. That's it.... pretty easy if you ask me. I will pick the winner on Sunday night. Good luck everyone! Below are some more pics... click to make them bigger!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Contest #4: Art School!

Here it is... Contest #4! The pic above is the prize today... a 9" x 12" original painting on wood board called "UNDISCLOSED CAVERN LOCATION". Click the image above to make it bigger. There are still a few details left to finish on this piece, but I can't postpone the contest any longer so here we go!

Below are SEVEN pieces of art... you have to name at least five (artist name AND the name of the piece) and send them to me by e-mail or facebook message. I will take everyone who got five or more correct and pick a random winner so everyone get's a fair shot at winning. I will give hints throughout the day so check back. The contest will be closed in 24 hours so you have plenty of time to do some looking and send your answers.
Here is the first hint: Two of these have the exact same title, but are by different artists.

Good Luck!

PREVIEW: Contest #4 Prize

Here is a teaser of the piece im giving away today, but i'm running behind so the contest will start around 2pm pst and will still be up for 24 hours.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Contest #3: Toy Mash Up!

It's time for Contest #3...  Just like on Kronikle, it's a TOY MASH UP! In the image above are FIVE (well, technically six) of my favorite toys...guess all the correct toys and at 1pm tomorrow i'll take everyone who got the answers correct and i'll pick a random winner (just to make it as fair as possible)! I will give a few hints later on, so if you aren't sure then just wait. First hint: one of the toys was made by someone who has the same name as the person i'm going to visit today. If you look around my facebook you might find it.

The prize today is another set of FIVE Neon Imposter Dunny prints (original dunny designed by chuckboy, print designed by me).

FYI Tomorrow's prize is a brand spankin new 9" x 12" original painting :)
Friday's prize is the 3" dunny (link at the bottom of the page:)

Go to facebook and post your guess on my page here. If you don't have facebook then you can e-mail me your guess here.  Remember there will be more hints later today.

This week full of contests will run through Friday with a different contest and prize(s) each day, ending with a 3" dunny giveaway on the last day. Good luck!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pea LOVES the chives...

Need i say more?
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Contest #2: Know your Dunnys

It's time for Contest #2.... Know your Dunny! In the image above are TEN blank dunnys... the first person to guess ALL TEN original designs wins! Each person gets TWO GUESSES, and there will be hints later on so don't use both guesses at once! There is also a page that exists on the interwebs that has pics of every production 3" ever made, so maybe hunt around for that :)

The prize today is your choice of TWO 8" x 10" prints... there are five to choose from and each one is limited to only ten:

The Diurnal Owl
Order of the Invisible Ones
The Elegy of Splendor
The Sermon of Light
This Means We've Lost...

Just post your answers on my Facebook page here or you can e-mail me your guesses here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Contest #1: Guess how many arms...

I'm having a week full of contests and giveaways to celebrate my 200th custom (pictured above) and here is the first contest: Guess how many dunny arms are in the pic above! Here is another pic for reference. I'll give a couple hints throughout the day and announce the winner tomorrow morning when I reveal the next contest and giveaway! The prize for guessing the correct amount of arms (or the person who comes closest) is a set of FIVE Neon Imposter dunny prints! The prints are 5x7 and come signed and numbered by me... these are inverted versions of the prints that came with The Neon Imposter dunnys, which were done on the Chuckboy 2-tone dunny.

Go to facebook and post your guess on my page here. If you don't have facebook then you can e-mail me your guess. EACH PERSON CAN GUESS TWICE and there will be hints later on.

This week full of contests will run through Friday with a different contest and prize(s) each day, ending with a 3" Dunny giveaway on the last day. Good luck!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Amorphous Rebirth of Reincarnation....

Here is a better pic of an 8" dunny i've been working on, but i've still got some details to finish to technically it's a WIP. Full name of this piece is "The Amorphous Rebirth of Reincarnation as Seen Inside a Mesh of Ornate Pudding" and it's my 200th custom!!! To celebrate, I'm going to have a week full of games/contests/scavenger hunts with a new prize every day, so check back starting on Monday June 13th to get in on the fun. Click on the image to make it bigger... this guy has LOTS of details!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Commissioned 8" dunny teaser

This is a commission for someone who has been waiting far too long.... and yet another crappy phone pic... more (better) pics soon!

An Amalgam of Triumph and Misery

Here is an 8" dunny teaser pic i just took on my phone... Technology is wonderful!
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