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Saturday, December 1, 2012

"The End of the World Party" Open-Run Custom 3" Dunny

Gone are the days of moving boxes, fixing leaks and gardening.... i'm all moved in to the new house and the studio is up and running! I will try and post on my site more... I know i've said that before, but doing everything by myself is a daunting task and i'm finally getting the hang of it.

On to custom news: This guy is called "The End of the World Party" and it's up in my store this week only for a semi open-run. I will make as many of these as I get orders for during that week. For those of you who want a custom from me but the wait is too long, or the price is too high, now is your chance! Each dunny comes with a 5" x 7" matching print, a 25% off coupon for a future purchase of anything in my store (except commissions and subscriptions), and you have the option of naming the piece and it will be painted on the back. These will be numbered, so if you want a low number than order early! Only $75 each and available here from 12/1 - 12/8.

"The cyclical nature of life comes full circle with a cave painting-like image of a man praying for salvation, his mind exploding with the very existence that envelops him and brings his world to an end. With a party."

Thanks for looking, and i have so many posts to make up for so there will be more coming!!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SDCC Customs @ Dragatomi Booth #4935

First off, I haven't been around much lately because we bought a house and with the move and getting the house ready, i haven't had much time to post and whatnot. I'll be completely moved in the week after SDCC so things will normalize then and i can get back to it!

Now here are the customs i'll have at the Dragatomi booth this year at SDCC. For the third year in a row i've been left off the mega list of pieces available at SDCC, but rest assured all these customs will be on display and for sale at booth #4935.

Ludwig Van Bust: "ECHO"

12" Bambaboss: "COLLECTIVE LIMBO"

3" Dunny with custom box: "A NERVOUS TICK"

Dead Che Bust: "FATE"

8" Dunny: "THE EMPEROR"


Dragatomi's Blind Box Androids:

See you all there!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Hermit and The Hierophant - Custom 8" Dunnys

These are my two customs for the Most Wanted "Behind the Hype" Show @ 1AM Gallery in San Francisco this Friday May 11th. On the left is "The Hermit" and on the right is "The Hierophant". Both were painted with acrylics and the arms were sculpted and then cast in resin!!

The Becoming - Custom Playsam

I came on here to post up some new pieces, and I forgot to post my Playsam custom when it was finished.... sooooo here it is. The full title of this piece is "The Becoming, or An Extroverted Implosion of an Inverted Archetype". Made with resin and painted with acrylics!! It's available to purchase at the Super7 Store if anyone is interested. 50% of the profits go to the World Childhood Foundation.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Unpainted Playsam Teaser

Okay last post for today! Here is a quick pic of my playsam car, post sculpt and pre-paint (minus the wheels).

"With Wings You Shall Pass" Custom Mini-Munny

As a continuation of my koi-themed dunnys, I did a mini-munny but added a little bird action into the mix. Bish, Fird, who knows. It's a fish that can fly.... or a bird that can swim. Wait, birds can swim.... shit. Well, it was inspired by Jason Segel wearing sweatpants for 7 days in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Painted with acrylics and the flipper wings and beak made with resin.

Thanks for looking. Almost done for today!!

"Petulance #3" Custom Tequila

This guy was done to match a custom Steven the bat and a custom dunny of the same name. Painted with acrylics and airbrush. These tequila's are some quality vinyl, I highly suggest painting one up.

"Fancy Blast" Bellicose Bunny Custom

I can't believe I never put this up on my site.. I'm so fucking slow..... well here it is, done for the Bellicosity show @ Toy Art Gallery. I love it! Full name is "Fancy Blast, or I'm Insane and It's Cold, Can I Have a Hug?". When I brought this guy in to TAG, Connell read the title and gave me a hug :) I utilized some advice from one of the greatest artists of our time, William S. Burroughs; "Exterminate All Rational Thought" and just painted this with no planning or forethought. I love how it turned out and i'll be doing more stuff like this. Big thanks to Nathan!!!

Raul's Brother - Custom Android

This little guy is my first custom android, and i've got 4 or so more on the way. Painted with acrylics and some airbrush!! He is the brother of Raul, Duke of Katchata.

The Inverted Inverse of a Backwards Future Past

Here is a set of custom dunnys on the Chuckboy 2-tone sculpt, called "The Inverted Inverse of a Backwards Future Past" and are painted with acrylics.

With custom wooden box!

Thanks for looking, more coming today.

The Diurnal Golem (XI) Custom Dunny

Things have been moving so fast I can barely keep up, so I'm doing a whole bunch of updates today and hopefully I can stay on top of them in the future. But honestly, how many times have I said that already? Anywho, get ready!
This one is called "The Diurnal Golem (XI)" and is a subscriber dunny painted with acrylics and some airbrush. With custom wooden box!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Store Update!

I spent a couple hours dealing with the logistics of it all, but I can now accept all major credit cards in my store! So if you don't have PayPal or just don't want to deal with all it's polices and restrictions, you can make it easier on yourself. Yay!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Trio of Custom Koi Dunnys

These guys are ready to take your subconscious by storm! On the left is "Rapture" which was requested by the collector to be in the colors of the Dok A Rupture Dunny. In the middle is "Trainwreck", done for a patient collector, and on the right is an OG koi dunny "Euphoria". All were painted with acrylics and some airbrush, and the flipper arms are made from resin. Enjoy and thanks for looking!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

New Piece: Harvesting of a Lumpy Mass AKA The Fattening

The monotony of painting toy after toy got to me and I needed to paint something flat... and here it is! Called "Harvesting of a Lumpy Mass aka The Fattening" and is acrylic on paper, I think it's 8" x 10".

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"A Lush Conspiracy" Custom Mickey For Play Imaginative/Disney

This guy was done under a super tight time limit, and I'm happy with how it turned out! Done for an upcoming show in Singapore for Play Imaginative x Disney. I call it "A Lush Conspiracy" and is mostly acrylic with some airbrush. The show is also a traveling one so keep an eye out! On a side note, they sent me 2 mickey's so I have an extra one to customize if anyone is interested....

Slaver and Mooshi Custom Qees

I did these guys for an upcoming show for Toy2r x So-So Happy based on their characters. The 8" bear qee is "Slaver" and the little guy is his best friend "Mooshi". The show might be a traveling show so keep an eye out for details, maybe it will come to a city near you! Check out the original characters here. I did my take on Slaver but Mooshi is basically just their character... it was appropriate since they are BFF's!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"The Misfortune of Frank Dent" - Custom Jay222 Clown

This GID beast is a custom on the awesome clown sculpt done by Jay222 and painted in all black by myself! I used only black because the GID was so strong and just let the sculpt dictate the paint. I have another clown and i can't wait to paint this one as well. Thanks Jay!

"...Animal Warfare" Prints available for pre-order now!

I've got 2 sizes of prints limited to 15 of each size up in my store and ready for pre-order now! 11" x 14" for $35, and 16" x 20" for $55. They will ship in about 2 weeks! They are about half gone so get them before they're gone!

Three new Custom Koi Dunnys

Here are three more subscriber dunnys, painted with acrylics. These are called "Hypoxia" which means lack of oxygen. Complete with custom boxes (not pictured).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"The Composite Lunatic" Custom Dunny

Here is yet another custom I've done on the awesome Chuckboy sculpt. This one is called "The Composite Lunatic" aks BLACKHAND, and was painted with acrylics and some airbrush.

Custom Lunartik Mini Cuppa Tea

These little cups are one of my favorite small-scale toys in general, and it's about time I did up a custom one. Called "Last Cup of Sorrow" after the Faith No More song of the same name, it was painted with airbrush and acrylic and comes with a custom wooden window box. Original sculpt by the all around awesome Matt JOnes aka Lunartik.

"Ruck" Dunny - 3" and 8" Versions

Both of these were done for my subbers! The 3" version has a custom matching box.

3" Ruck

3"er with box

8" Ruck

Lots more coming as always, and thanks for looking!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"TrainWreck" Custom Koi Dunny

Here is another koi-style dunny, this one was a birthday/xmas gift for my Mom. Painted with acrylics and some airbrush, the arms are made of resin, and comes in a custom wooden window box. Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 16, 2012

"The Amalgam of Triumph" Custom 10" Teddy Troop

I started this guy forever ago, and it's about time I finished it. Done for one of my subscribers, who is also a very patient collector and a good friend. Enjoy!!

Two New Canvas'

First is "The Proportionate Reaction of Animal Warfare" and is 10" x 14", acrylic on paper. This piece will be the basis for a resin figure of the same name as well.

Next is "It's Called Spillage" and is 8" x 10", acrylic on canvas.

Both of these photos were taken using my awesome new camera, the Nikon d5100. Kicks so much ass but i'm still learning how to use it properly so the photos can only get better!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Un-Animus" Custom Big Sal.... I'm Back!

I've been dealing with various health issues for the past few months, and it's set me quite far back with my commissions and such, but things are slowly getting checked off the list and i'm going to start posting everything up. Lots more coming in the next few weeks. Let's hope that i can finally start being consistent with this blog! 

Anyways, here is a custom Big Sal i did for Jay222, it's called "Un-Animus" and was painted in a similar style to my custom Big Sal from SDCC this year.
Thanks for looking and check back for more!
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