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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Custom 8" Dunny - Deus Flammarion

This one was done to match a 10" Mad'l I did a while back. Called "Deus Flammarion" and painted with acrylics and spray paint, it's inspired by the French author Camille Flammarion.
More to come, including NYCC stuff and some canvas'.

The Spastic Zoomorph 3" Dunny - NYCC Colorway

Here is the second colorway of "The Spastic Zoomorph" custom Dunnys, available only at NYCC 2011 @ the Trampt.com booth #981 and limited to only 4! I will also have other customs and prints there as well, and i'll be posting up the exclusives in the next few weeks. And if you haven't checked out trampt.com yet then you are missing out!!

The Spastic Zoomorph 3" Dunnys

This 3"er was done in the same style as my custom Bill the Yeti of the same name. Limited to only 4, painted with acrylics and a tail made of resin, they will be available in my store on October 7 @ 12pm PST.
Also lookout for a inverted colorway (above right) available at NYCC this year, and there is rumor of an 8" version dropping on the same day....

Custom Dunny "Lazarus Go Home"

Well I've been lagging on my blog posts this month so it's time for a few updates. Got some great shows coming up and also a few canvas paintings in-between the customs too! First up is another custom Chuckboy Dunny; "Lazarus Go Home". Painted with acrylics and some airbrush, this was a commission and it was inspired by the novel "Naked Lunch" just like all my other customs on this sculpt. The collector wanted a combination of all my Neon Imposter Dunnys in one, and this is the result!
This one also came with a custom wooden box to match:

Thanks for looking, and if you are interested in a commission then contact me here or check out my store for other customs and artwork!!
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