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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sometimes I feel like I'm too negative.

But i'm negative in a very positive way, so I don't notice it. Weird.

Coffee, The White Stripes and a Violent Tree.

So i'm gonna start by saying that I friggin love coffee! Anyways...
An awesome art show I was in got cancelled and I just found out... I already started on four pieces! Oh well... Still need to finish my Qee for the Dragatomi show, and I know that one isn't getting cancelled :)

I watched a documentary on The White Stripes recently, and I respect them more now that I've seen it. Not so much a fan of their music, but they love what they do and it shows. Jack White is so much like Johnny Cash it's uncanny. And Meg is a mute.

I took the time to think about all the stuff on my plate, and it instantly gave me a headache.
Big Sal
8" Dunny
Another 8" Dunny
10" Mad'l
Bic Buddy
8" Qee
20" Dunny
3" Dunnys (i don't even know how many, like 4?)
Bill the Yeti
16" Bear Qee
Onion Qee


And here is some awesomeness...Nobody knows what will appear under The Violent Tree... it's always a surprise!

My first blog post

So i finally have a blog!

Not sure what to post... 

Here are my new custom dunnys, The Rainbow Bandits!
I've also got a couple other custom 3" dunnys available in my store!

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