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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Special Inverted Fine Art Prints!

Here's a look at my super duper special inverted prints! I LOVE THEM!!! I'll be sporadically putting more "negative" versions of old and new pieces up here and there every few months, and this is the first batch of them.
All my inverted prints will now and forever be super limited editions of only 10 each.
WHAT!?!? Did you say you're only making 10 of them? Why yes I did!
Some of these are more than half gone already, and I'm just now posting them on my blog, so they won't be around for very long.
These are all printed on 300gsm Moab Entrada Cotton Rag and are available in my store: www.ardabusrubber.bigcartel.com.

I've also found 600dpi scans of two pieces that I thought had been lost forever, so there will be two new prints coming that I'm super super excited about!!! 12x16 prints of my "Animal Warfare" piece, and big ass 17x22 prints of a 'rucked' up Boba Fett. Yes, I actually painted something Star Wars, and yes there will be prints of it. OMG what is the world coming to.

Everything I've been posting has been prints or shirts in the recent because I'm so freaking backed up with customs, so there will be an intense explosion of them very soon, so not to worry! And for everyone who's waiting, you are all amazing, thanks for being so patient.... 32 androids, five 8" dunnys, about 20 3" dunnys, 3 PAWS!, a JAWS!, 3 skullheads, 5 owls, horses, some o-no sushi, gummy bears, cheese, garden, sky, space, more cheese.... now i'm hungry.

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