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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Five New Fine Art Prints!

Happy 12th of July! Here are a handful of new prints I just dropped into my store! First up: a clean re-paint of Ruck on a box top with some accents from my AP's. These are 8x8 printed on 300gsm Entrada Rag, and it's an open run!
The Proportionate Reaction of Animal Warfare is an older piece that I thought had been lost forever, but I found high-res scans of it hidden away in a little nook. 12x16 on 300gsm Breathing Color Elegance Velvet, limited to 50.
I did some digital manipulations of photos of my customs and kinda love them all. I'll have a bunch of these coming sporadically, and here are the first few....

Milky Loopholes (Dark and Light Versions) are 8x10 printed on 300gsm Entrada Rag, and are limited to 25 of each.
This is a Rebel Ink custom I painted, inverted and color manipulated in glorious purple and blue. These are 11x14 on 300gsm Entrada Rag, and are limited to only 10!
Check back on Monday or Tuesday for five more prints dropping in my store, as well as a teaser of the 30 Androids that I've been working on for so long now coming next week as well. Thanks for looking!!

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