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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ultra Limited Custom Dunny Series "The Neon Imposters"

These guys are almost finished, so I figured why not put up a teaser? A 3" Custom Dunny Series made with Chuckboy 2-Tones! It's not really a series, since they are all different and 1/1, they just follow the same theme... and this pic is a TEASER as well as a WORK IN PROGRESS (they are unfinished and the arms are not in yet, which is partly why I blurred them.) They will come in a silk lined wooden box that's handpainted to match and the top doubles as a stand alone canvas. There will be 10 available (one of each color) and they will be available in my store on Saturday May 7th at 10am PST! I'll post up some more teasers and full pics before drop day. Now everyone can see why i've been so busy lately :) And for my subbers, fear not... you all get special versions!

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