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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We three bears be stealin' the gold....

Here are the apocalyptic 3 Bears i've been working on for a while now.

Featuring 9 points of articulation! The brave panda is always sent out first, and delivers any recon back to base with his massive in-ear satellite. Complete with pick-arms and a scythe-tail, the Panda is equipped to travel on any terrain and is skilled in the art of parkour.

Featuring 6 points of articulation! The Polar bear is equipped with a Tri-cannon and long range pulse rifle for pinpoint accuracy. His white coat helps camouflage him to an extent and aids him in any ranged tasks, but he just might fall asleep while covering you from a distance. Oopsy!

Featuring 5 points of articulation! The mighty Black bear is a born warrior in mind and body. Complete with flame thrower and a little pistola, this beast doesn't need a big gun to inflict lots of damage. Stay out of his way... he is clumsy!!

Click the jump for a few more images!

World's smallest dunny next to the nuclear river (dunny is UNDER 1 CM!)

The sign was personalized and based off British road signs (was for a UK collector)

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